Our new patented technology makes it possible to replace on-site LED perimeter advertisements in live TV-Feeds in realtime with an unlimited number of streams featuring targeted advertising content.

Our technology does not affect the TV production process/material and requires only a very short setup time. There are no restrictions implied by the technology itself for the production process. HD, 4K, 8K, zoom, focus, close-ups, replay, slow-motion, etc. – everything is possible without any limitations whatsoever.

Thanks to the world’s best keying method, which draws upon exclusive patents of the Fraunhofer Institute, the system is very robust, mature, reliable and allows for an unprecedented natural image quality.

VirtualAds ad replacement
Absen ad replacement

Replacing on-site advertising content with highly relevant virtual advertising content for broadcasting at live events

VirtualAds ad replacement tele
Absen ad replacement tele

Delivering high-quality results, agnostic of external factors and highly resilient

Targeted virtual advertising for live sport broadcasts 

Putting an end to low-impact perimeter ads


Fully-scalable turnkey virtual advertisement system

VirtualAds Workflow Scheme

Zero workflow modifications and complications


VirtualAds is the globally leading virtual advertising company that offers technologies to redefine and transform live broadcasting of perimeter-based on-site advertisement into customer-specific virtual advertisement.

We combine

  • Leading-edge image processing technology through an exclusive partnership with the well-renowned Fraunhofer Institute,
  • that draws upon 30+ years of experience in the virtual image processing space with
  • world-class sports industry management experience

in order to revolutionize the TV consumer viewing experience through highly-customized virtual advertisements.

Combining world-class sports industry management experience
with leading-edge technology and operations know-how


VirtualAds Ltd. (Switzerland)


Wallstrasse 22
4051 Basel

Phone: + 41 61 302 20 20



Trufanowstrasse 8
04105 Leipzig

16 Argyle Street
Mong Kok
Hong Kong

Coming soon:
United States of America

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